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Welcome to Graceful Aging!

Graceful Aging is a video library designed to improve life as we age. Discover short videos on aging related topics. Use the videos as conversation starters when you don't know where or how to begin a talk. Or watch and learn ways to improve your life as you age.
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Ready to Add Some Heat and Spice

Join us for a lively discussion about how you can heat up your love life tonite! Blunt talk about hot topics for you.
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Sexuality Knows No Age Limit

Long term relationships can enter a bedroom rut. Dr. Dennis Sugrue, a certified sex therapist, member of the University of Michigan staff, author, and former President of the national organization of sex therapists is our thoughtful guest. Dr. Sugrue probes the paths that lead us to fuller and richer sexual health. Interested? So was the live audience joining us for this show.
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Simple Steps to Stronger Marriages

Dr. Terri Orbuch discloses simple steps to turn your marriage from good to great. Find four topics to talk about every day for 10 minutes. Learn interesting aspects about your partner. You need to ask. Sweat the small stuff. Pay attention. Be kind. Keep your relationship fresh. Shake things up and push your partner out of the rut. What are you waiting for? Have fun! Laugh!
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Kindness Saves Relationships

Can kindness save a relationship even after divorce? Is kindness more difficult to perform as we age? Social Worker Joseph D’Ambrosio explains the nuances of marriage and divorce in later life. Relationships benefit from more love actions. Getting to altruistic acts is reduced as we age for some inexplicable reasons.
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Hot Sex Doesn’t Cool After 50

There’s no reason hot sex has to cool after 50 says Dr. Doree Lynn. This episode introduces you to Dr. Doree Lynn, a sex therapist and author from Washington D.C.. Dr. Doree gives us a sneak peak into her latest book Sex For Grown Ups and teases us with what is coming on a future show of Graceful Aging.
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