Graceful Aging Network


I believe aging is life’s best option. Welcome to Graceful Aging!


Graceful Aging’s  goal is to feature video that improves your life.  Each video informs, instructs, and entertains. We produce and locate quality video on topics from “Getting Good Sleep” to “Strengthening Your Driving Skills”.

Graceful Aging began and continues airing on 280 stations across America as a 30 minute convivial talk show. Online we air short segments from our shows.  Each short film has the power to change someone’s life for the better.Make it yours or someone you know!

Graceful Aging has become America’s most popular television show on community access television stations. ( June 27, 2011). Our shows reach over 12 million households.

My own interest, probably like yours, began from a deep respect for my grandparents and parents. My legal work for 30 years concentrates on the assisted living needs of seniors. Professionally and personally, I assist families and individuals to lead fulfilling, rewarding, vibrant lives.  I am blessed to interact with wonderful people also committed to serving others.

Graceful Aging is simple, if everything goes right.  The promise we make is that every video you watch will impact your life for the better.  Thank you for your support and interest. We will work diligently to earn your continued trust.

Watch Graceful Aging the fastest growing web/TV based program for boomers,  older adults and those who care.

Respectfully yours,

Gregory Bator