Aging Veterans Fight for Dignity

Freedom carries a responsibility to serve the aging veterans who sacrificed life and limb. Brave men and women answered America’s call to duty. Now it is our time to return the favor. Please celebrate Veterans Day, November 11 with these shows. Join the fight to give Aging Veterans their deserved dignity.

“The rights and benefits earned by our veterans are underused and in many cases unknown. As citizens and family members we share a duty to provide our veterans with the aid they deserve,” says Veteran Benefit Specialist Jack Becher. Graceful Aging is proud to salute our servicemen and women by presenting two shows on “Aging Veterans.”

“Aging Veterans Fight for Deserved Dignity” discusses how families and friends can educate themselves to encourage those in need of help to obtain help. “Jack Becher is a treasure box of valuable insight and tips on navigating the military benefit maze. We are so fortunate to have Jack as our guest,” says Graceful Aging host Gregory Bator.

Graceful Aging: Living Safe, Healthy, and Dignified.

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