Alzheimer’s Report Card: Where Are We?

Our first show for Season 4 is “Alzheimers Report Card: Where Are We?Alzheimer’s disease grows increasingly more problematic as we age. Alzheimer’s attacks individuals, families, and communities. Alzheimer’s ravages the world. Where is the fight against this invidious disease?

We sit down with two leading figures on Alzheimer’s to find out where we are at this time. Dr. Howard Fillit, M.D viagra einzeln kaufen. leads the Alzheimer’s Discovery Foundation in its search for effective treatments. George Vradenburg leads US Against Alzheimer’s, a national group determined to solve this Alzheimer’s issue by 2020. Both men are involved as key players in our nation’s efforts against this costly illness.

In this highly informative show, you will learn where and how science is looking for solutions; the triggers and possible preventions of Alzheimer’s; our national and international efforts against this growing menace; and how you can mobilize you and your family for a healthier tomorrow.

Season 4 begins Monday September 10! Every Monday Night we’ll release a new 30 minute talk show with leading experts and skilled professionals to explore the vibrant world of aging. Watch our new show at the Graceful Aging Channel on YouTube.

The goal on Graceful Aging is to inform, educate, and entertain. Our guests are experts in their field and motivated to share their expertise with you. Doctors, Authors, FBI Agents, Chefs, Sex Therapists, Alzheimer’s Specialists, and many other professions join us.

Host Gregory Bator guides each show and asks the questions on your mind. Gregory Bator’s extensive professional experience as a lawyer specializing in elder care matters for 30 years brings out the best in each guest. You’ll be pleased to watch how the conversation advances your understanding of challenging topics. You’ll laugh, think, and be inspired to improve your life.

Aging is life’s best option. Whether you are older, a caregiver, a friend or family member Graceful Aging will entertain and inform you. Join over 300 community access stations who make Graceful Aging the most popular public access show nationally. Find ways of keeping life vibrant, healthy, and fun.

Our commitment is to deliver practical information in an enjoyable conversational style every week beginning Monday, September 10, 2012.

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