Dating Again! It Never Grows Old!

Dating Again! Older adults can enjoy the thrills of romance and relationship as much as anyone. Do you need a little boost in the confidence  and protocol department? On this show the Love Doctor, Professor Terri Orbuch,  energetically shows viewers practical steps on how to re-enter the dating market. Once in the marketplace of romance, Professor Orbuch shows a wide selection of choices and great guidance to finding the happiness department. Find confidence and safely take chances to celebrate life.

“Interestingly, our young male camera operator for this show remarked that he loved the show and plans to put the tips learned to full use in his own life,” says Host Gregory Bator. You will too!

Enjoy the vibrant optimistic words of the Love Doctor on this show of Graceful Aging! Where can you go to meet people? What about online dating? Where do older adults go on a date? Should your friends accompany you? Are blind dates a good idea? Find out the answers from the expert!

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