Hospice: The Joy of Living

Why does a doctor choose to work in hospice? What is the joy that a medical director finds working in hospice? We asked Dr. Patricia Schmidt, M.D. of In-House Hospice this question. Listen to her and see the joy in her expression as she tells us why.

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Posted on March 6th, 2011 in category: Ask Graceful Aging, Body, Caregiving, Dignity, Family, Health with the tags: , , , , ,


  1. Great interview. Being with elders and talking about dying can be inspiring for listeners as well as aging person. Found myself in conversation with woman about to celebrate her 93rd birthday. We ended up sharing stories of deaths we’d attended and laughing out loud about her experience when she carried her husband’s cremains through security at an airport. ” What other way did I have of bringing him home?” she asked.

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