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Wandering Into Trouble

We enjoy wandering as long as we can safely return. When some people age and become afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease wandering can be perilous. Aging can affect our sense of direction and internal mapping controls. We lose the ability to...[...]

I Am Not 60 Years Old!

  Do you think you are old? The question is posed in many ways. How we answer is typically the same. No one believes they are old no matter what their age. Frequently, ‘being old’ is considered being less than what you are. That’s for the...[...]

LGBT and Senior Centers

Simple steps can open senior center doors to the LGBT community. Aging is not sexually oriented. Natalie Pearce, a nationally trained specialist, offers a variety of easy ways that will make your senior center or place of business more...[...]

Welcome to Graceful Aging!

Graceful Aging is a video library designed to improve life as we age. Here you’ll find short videos on aging related topics. You can use the videos as conversation starters when you don’t know where or how to begin a talk. Or watch and...[...]

James Firman: Personally Engaged for the Aged

What motivates a person to devote a life to help others? How do you build an idea into a career? Discover the passion moving James Firman, the Executive Director of the National Council on Aging forward at this crucial time in history. NCOA is a...[...]

How Can You Help a Veteran Obtain Assistance?

My father is proud to be a veteran. But, when it comes to using the services and support that are available to him, he doesn’t want to bother. I know that there are benefits for veterans that would be helpful to my parents as they age. What can...[...]