Reverse Mortgage Strategies

Strategic use of your home equity is the smart way to plan your future. Barbara Stucki is the country’s leading expert on the prudent use of reverse mortgages. Barbara Stucki is a Vice President with NCOA, National Council on Aging and in charge of NCOA’s efforts to counsel and educate Americans on reverse mortgages. She describes what to watch out for in this informative episode.
“Barbara has an uncanny ability to explain a complex topic clearly. You will be much more confident after listening to her explanations,” says Graceful Aging Host Gregory Bator. “Reverse Mortgages include important options that may be smart choices for you. Educate yourself before signing on the bottom line. Barbara Stucki urges you to take advantage of required counseling before obtaining a reverse mortgage,” says Bator.
Qualifying for a reverse mortgage requires smart thoughtful planning. Everyone on the property title must be 62 or older, occupy the house as the principal residence, be current on federal debts, and participate in useful counseling.
Reverse Mortgages are not all the same. Barbara Stucki explains the differences. Careful consideration can both save you money and make best use of your money. Smart planning is the strategic way to use your home’s equity.

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