Senior Driving: Technology to the Rescue

This episode shows ways to make our driving experience safer. Driving is demanding. As we age our reaction time and flexibility to see the road around us diminishes. Unfortunately, this greatly increases the chance for accidents and injuries. This can quickly move us from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat. We learned the ways auto companies are designing and installing technology to make our driving safer. In this episode we’ll put you in the driver seat to learn what is available and what is yet to come.
We had the privilege to meet and talk with auto engineers. We learned interesting ways cars are safer for senior drivers. Our day at Ford Motor World Headquarters, Engineering, and Test Track was eye-opening.
Improving driver reaction time will keep you on the road longer and safer. Auto companies developed technologies to improve your ability to see blind spots. The tech sees more than you can and alerts you to danger. We have grown up with the mantra ‘seat belts save lives.’ And they do. Yet, seat belts remain uncomfortable and cause some to stay unbuckled. This dangerous practice compounds injuries when accidents occur. New technology is coming to the rescue.
How do car companies create smart tech tools? We stepped inside a simulator at Ford Motor. We took a virtual drive and began our own discovery. Join us and see what the auto industry is doing to make cars and drivers safer as we age.

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