So, You’re in Your 80s!

So, You’re 80! What does it feel like to be in your 80s? “I never think of myself as old.” says Graceful Aging guest Frances Taber, “It surprises me, but it’s true.” Physically active, still working part time and married for 63 years, Frances embodies Graceful Aging.

Join us as Frances reflects on her commitment to her career and the importance of having fun in her marriage. Frances proudly brings 88 years of upbeat life perspective to her workplace, the tennis courts, the swimming pool, and to the local restaurants and theater.

“Frances is full of life. She gives viewers a double bonus in this episode,” says Host Gregory Bator, “Frances enjoys a distinguished career in the assisted living field. Residents, families, workers, and others are treated to Frances’ professional care-giving skills.”

“So, You’re 80” gives viewers Frances’ wise counsel on what to look for when choosing a care giving facility for a loved one. Exuding warmth and contentment for a full life, Frances is a beautiful example of life in your 80s. Watch this episode and ignite your own life with purpose and joy.

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