Staying Behind the Wheel with CARFIT

Staying behind the wheel of your car safely is a goal for any age. Simply because we age does not mean our driver’s license comes into jeopardy. At any age we must be smart about driving. This is Graceful Aging’s third show in the series designed to assist older drivers and their families to stay on the road safely and smartly.

CARFIT is a national program that custom fits an older person’s car through a simple 20 minute check and adjustment. In this episode, CARFIT expert Rachel Wilson of the American Automobile Association conducts a full check and adjustment on our volunteer driver Virginia. Follow these simple steps in your own car or sign up for a CARFIT in your town.

How far from the steering wheel should you sit? Just how much above the steering wheel should you be able to see? Have you adjusted your mirrors to maximize your vision and minimize the blind spots? Can you find and operate all your car’s essential buttons and pedals? These and many more vital driving questions are answered in this hands on show.

Do you want the older adult in your life to be as safe and secure as possible on the road? Do you want your town’s drivers alert and responsible? Who doesn’t! “This is the kind of useful and practical show you’ve come to expect from Graceful Aging,” says Colette Farris Graceful Aging’s Production Coordinator. Do your loved ones, your family, and your town a favor. Encourage everyone to take personal responsibility behind the wheel.

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