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Greetings everyone!
Thank you for joining us on Graceful Aging.
I hope you have taken a minute to view this website. Here we daily post at least one new and interesting video. Additionally, we keep track of notable births and a little something about key figures. Our active Twitter feed announces our new releases, keeps track of significant articles and thought, and challenges individuals to improve their personal worlds.

This week on Graceful Aging we have these new releases for you:
Monday: “Retirement Savings Woes” with AARP COO Tom Nelson.
Tuesday: “Good Relationships Improve Health” with Dr. Terri Orbuch
Wednes: “What Makes Skin Wrinkle?” with Dr. David Spurlin, M.D.
Thursday: “Strengthen Door Strike Plates” with Det. Matt Baldwin
Friday You’ll just have to wait and see.

We’ll also be announcing (hmmm, I guess I am doing that now to you) and releasing a project we’ve been working on. We’ve gathered a bevy of nationally recognized relationship experts and placed their differing thoughts on relationships into a new publication called “Relationships Today”. Relationships Today is now available online wherever you may be.

Thank you for all the positive feedback. We have a lifetime of hard work and fun ahead of us. Welcome to the Graceful Aging community.

Greg Bator

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