Holidaze: Challenges and Joys, Part 2

Happy Holidays ring with joy and worry for many families. Is Mom taking care of herself? Is Dad too forgetful? Aunt Sally looks like she’s taken a turn for the worse. Part 2 of “Holidaze: Challenges and Joys” looks at effective ways to measure the safety and security of older adults.  Guests Janice Roble, a Geriatric Social Worker, and Diane Hischke, a Geriatric Care Manager, help viewers see what care needs may exist for an older adult. “The practical approaches discussed by our guests are real holiday gifts to families experiencing difficult decisions,” says Host Gregory Bator. “The delicate task of gathering family consensus and effectively approaching an older adult on these matters is an art form,” explained Janice Roble. “Effective techniques do exist for families,” added Diane Hiscke.  This episode of Graceful Aging unwraps very useful presents for your family.

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